2 16:1 P6S
6s Li-Poly 2,000 mAh
4" S7 Drum - 10 Pounds
Speed Controller:
BLHeli32 65a ESC
30 pounds
20 wins, 10 losses

Yahoo was originally built by another competitor and was named "Banshee". Banshee never competed. Chad New at Team Wazio Robotics bought it from the original owner. Chad took Yahoo to China in 2018 for the "Fight My Bots" competition under the new name of "Yahoo". Yahoo placed 8th overall, the highest of any non-Chinese bots. Yahoo 1.0 also competed at Motorama in 2020, right before COVID struck. Plagued by drive issues, Yahoo became a joint effort between Team Wazio and Team Cosmos, and was rebuilt as version 2.0 for the July 24th Norwalk competition. This page tracks Yahoo 2.0 thru December 2023, at which point I turned the reins over to Team Wazio.

Event Highlights

  • First place at NHRL July 2021.
  • Second place at Motorama 2022
  • Third place at AVC 2022
  • Second place at NHRL November 2022