About Us
Team Cosmos was active in the combat robotics scene from 2001 to 2007. Over those 6+ years we learned a lot, built a large number of robots, made many new friends, and had some amazing experiences. Many of the lessons learned during these years have greatly influenced our professional and personal lifes. While neither of us are active in the robot combat, we're still out there building stuff and having fun!

Ted Zeiger - TED_Z
Ted has been a Colorado resident since 1992. After earning his BS and MS in Mechaincal Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder he moved down to Denver where he worked in the Aerospace industry for a few years. When not working on robots, Ted likes to spend his time wrenching on his 1963 CJ3B Willys Jeep. Ted's interest in BattleBots stems from his previous work on several robotics projects, including CU Boulder's 1998 entry in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition.

More recently, Ted has settled down in South Denver with his wife Kathy, where they are raising two beautiful children. Ted's stayed involved with robotics by volunteering with a local FIRST robotics team, and there are rumors of him working on an electric bike.

Pete Covert - SATACOY
Pete has lived in Boulder Colorado since 1993. He currently works for Greenbrier as a software architect. Pete became interested in Battlebots after watching a few episodes, and was an audience member in Las Vegas '00. Pete is an avid snowboarder, runner, and cyclist. His strongest interests revolve around building things, regardless if they're virtual or phsyical.

Pete's still shredding the gnar every winter, and may wander back to robotics when his aging body tells him that he's too old for snowboarding. Pete built a treehouse a few years ago with some help from friends (including Ted) that he works on occasionally.