Welcome to the home of Team Cosmos, champion robot builders!


The Kinetic Energy Calculator has been updated. It should now work in all modern browsers.
We've refreshed the site slightly, trying to update it from its funky circa-2003 implementation. Various pages have been updated a bit, and we've added a new Projects page.
We did well at Moto, taking 2 first place finishes with Deimos and Solaris, and a third place finish with Helios Sport. Videos are up on the video page, and the events page is updated as well.
Added Uncle Sam's Daughter and Helios-Sport to the robot roster.
We're slowly preparing for Motorama 2007. Ted will be debuting a new bot, "Helios Sport" for the newly formed Sportman's Class.
We've had a slow year. After Motorama we put on a tiny MURC event at OpusFest. Later in the year we attended Critter Crunch at MileHiCon. Updated the events page.
Another great Motorama event is under our belts. Updated the event and video pages.
Added The Auditor to the robot roster.
Lots o' stuff: Got back from Critter Crunch. Added The Inhaler, Sister Christian, and Deimos to the robot roster. Updated the Video page, and added the last MURC event to the event page.
Added Vger to the robot-roster. We've joined forces with Team Daisy to create this Robomagellan entry.
MURC's "Robot Battles Denver" went off without a hitch. Fun was had by all. Thanks go to Opus Festival for the venue and help with the event!.
Back for ROBOGames. Angry went 1-2 after some bad bounces. Updated the event, video, and gallery pages..
A metric boat load of Motorama videos have been posted on the Videos page.
We're back from Moto '05. Angry took first in the ants, and Solaris took First in the 12s. Event page updated. More to follow once we've caught up on sleep.
Posted a Solaris 2 build report, and added Angry Accountant to the robot roster.
Our first visit to Nationals is over, we managed to take first place in the Fairyweights, and second in the Ants. Updated the Events page
We did well at POP 8, placing first in the 12s and the antweights. Karts were a blast! Updated the Events page
Added a fight log for Saturday at ROBOlympics
ROBOlympics Event Report and Gallery posted.
ROBOlympics was great! 1st in the 30's and Beetles, 2nd in the 12's, and 3rd in the ribbon climbers. Event and video pages updated.
New videos up: Xenophobia Test, Helios spin up test, Helios Night time Activities.
RMRS '04 was a blast! We didn't fair too well, but still managed to have a lot of fun. We added to the events page, video page, and also added a photo gallery.