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Angry AccountAnt competed at SparkFun's AVC robot combat event, eeking out 2 wins, 2 losses. She will be rebuilt!
Added Skate Two to the projects page. Video coming once it warms up outside.
The Kinetic Energy Calculator has been updated. It should now work in all modern browsers.
We've refreshed the site slightly, trying to update it from its funky circa-2003 implementation. Various pages have been updated a bit, and we've added a new Projects page.
Added Uncle Sam's Daughter and Helios-Sport to the robot roster.
Added The Auditor to the robot roster.
Added Vger to the robot-roster. We've joined forces with Team Daisy to create this Robomagellan entry.
Posted a Solaris 2 build report, and added Angry Accountant to the robot roster.