Night Crawler 2.3 Tear Down

Here's a short video showing some of the tricky internals of Night Crawler

Havoc All-Stars 2023

I was lucky enough to attend Havoc All-Stars this December with Yahoo. Although Yahoo performed poorly (0-2), it was great hanging out with all the other builders. This really felt like peak-roboting!

2023 NHRL Championships

Chad and I headed to the 2023 NHRL Championships with Night Crawler and Yahoo. Both bots did fairly well, going 3-2. That was good enough for the bots to finish in the top 8. We'll be back next year!!!

Wheel Molding Guide

Added a Wheel Molding Guide to the resource page.

NHRL August 2023

A quick solo trip out to Norwalk. Night Crawler went 3-1, performed almost flawlessly, and qualified for the finals in November.

NHRL June 2023

A big Team Copperhead trip to Norwalk, our first of the year. Yahoo, Night Crawler, Yipee, Krater, Pepe Silvia, Billy and Bobby were all in attendance. Yahoo ended up in 2nd place, qualifying for November finals.

Motorama 2023

Our first Motorama was 20 years ago, so with a bit of nostalgia, we returned with Night Crawler. Some amazing luck placed us in 2nd place. We had a blast!

NHRL 2022 Championships

A panicked rebuild of both Yahoo and Night Crawler got us ready for the championships. Yahoo just missed placing in the top 3, coming in 4th. Night Crawler eeked out a win, but continued to have drive issues.

NHRL November 2022

A quick trip out to Norwalk for their November events. Yahoo was in rough shape, but limped to a 2nd place finish. Night Crawler tied for 5th, but that was enough to get into the championships in December. This was also Spanky's inaugural run.

AVC 2022

Another great event for Team Cosmos / Wazio / Copperhead. Team Copperhead took the top 4 spots in the 30 pounders, with Yahoo finishing in 3rd place. Night Crawler finally started to show its potential, taking 2nd in the 12s.

Motorama 2022

We had a total blast at Motorama! Most of Team Copperhead headed east to see if we could eek out a few wins. Lady luck was with us, with 5 top 3 finishes among the many bots we brought. Angry Accountant, Night Crawler, Yahoo, Booster, Beam, Kitten Mittens all made an appearance.

NHRL 2021 Championships

We made it out to the East Coast for the 2021 NHRL championships. Yahoo went a respectable 2-2, going against 4 very tough opponents. Night Crawler wussed out with a 0-2 record. You know he's coming back!


Night Crawler is cocked and loaded!

Critter Crunch 2021

Sister Christian took 1st place at Critter Crunch 2021. She's been trying to take the top spot for 16 years, and finally made it.

NHRL July 2021

Headed to Norwalk Connecticut with a new bot Yahoo and Night Crawler in our first competition since COVID. Came back with a 1st place finish with Yahoo!.

Night Crawler Build Report

A detailed build report for Night Crawler is up. This includes design and fabrication discussions, along with a Motorama 2020 postmortem.

Motorama 2020

Another successful Motorama in the books. I headed to Harrisburg Luke and Chad for my 8th Motorama, bringing Night Crawler. Went 3-2, not bad for a completely new bot.

Night Crawler

A new 12 pound bot is registered for Motorama 2020: Night Crawler. Follow our progress on Facebook.

Battlebots 2019

A Colorado super group headed to Battlebots with Copperhead to take on the big boys. It was great hanging out with Zach, Casey, Robert, and Luke, and being part of a TV show for the first time in 18 years.

STEAM Fest 2019

Angry Accountant had a quick turn around after Motorama and headed out to the local STEAMFest competition in Longmont. Feeling a bit beat up, Angry ended up going 0 and 2. This officially retires the third generation of Angry, who managed to get 9 events in for this version, including 1st place finishes at Robogames and Steamfest, 2nd place at AVC, and 3rd place at Motorama. She will be rebuilt!

Motorama 2019

Angry Accountant and 60 Seconds of Glory once again headed to Harrisburg to see new and old friends. Angry placed 3rd in antweights.

Grond Walk through

A quick overview of Grond, a new 12 pounder that debuted at AVC 2018.

AVC 2018

Another great event right in our backyard. Angry was undefeated until her electronics fried, forcing her into 2 forfeits. 60 Seconds of Glory had a poor showing, going 1 and 2, and oddly liquified her batteries. A new magnet 12 pound bot, "Grond" went 2 and 2. I once again got to be the trigger man on Rocket, which was somehow more fun than last time.

Fight My Bots 2018

60 Seconds of Glory headed to China with Chad from Team Wazio on a surprise trip. Chad drove her to a 5 and 1 record, placing 8th out of a field of 48.

RoboGames 2018

Headed to the Bay area with Luke and Chad for RoboGames. Angry took first place in the antweights, and I had a blast being the trigger man on Chad's 60 pound flipper, Rocket.

STEAM Fest 2018

Chad, Luke, and myself helped put on STEAM Fest this year. Casey and Zach were in China filming CBS, so we picked up the slack as best we could. It seemed like a resounding success, it was a hectic two days.

Motorama 2018

Angry Accountant and 60 Seconds of Glory headed to Harrisburg in February to compete against old and new friends. Team Wazio, Team Thrasher, and Team DSM joined us to form a pretty formidable Colorado Contingent.

Critter Crunch 2017

Sister Christian fought back after some early losses to earn a 2nd place win at Critter Crunch 2017. She also was the last bot standing for the 2 pound rumble. The Inhaler made a surprise showing, easily winning 1st place, and mopping the floor during the 20 pound rumble. A good day for Team Cosmos!

AVC 2017

Attended the Sparkfun AVC 2017 contest with 60 Seconds of Glory, Angry Accountant, and Splash Damage. Angry surprisingly took 2nd place, while Spash Damage went a disappointing 0-2, and 60 Seconds went 2-2.


Angry Accountant took first place at STEAM Fest right here in our back yard. Thanks Casey and Zach for putting on such an enjoyable, laid back event!

RoboGames 2017

Competed with Angry Accountant, at RoboGames, earning one win and two losses. Headed out w/ Chad from Team Wazio. Had a blast hanging out with the West Coasters!

Motorama 2017

Headed out to Motorama for the first time since 2007. Spectated, did some judging, and met up with a lot of people both old and new. Had a great time, and only added to the desire to build and compete.

Critter Crunch 2016

Sister Christian managed a 2nd place win at Critter Crunch 2016. There was a large and tough field of competitors, a few technical problems, but all worked out well in the end.

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Season 3???

We're starting to explore larger bot components and technology. Check out the first video here.

AVC 2016

Attended the Sparkfun AVC 2016 contest with Uncle Sam's Daughter and Angry Accountant. This marks the first time Ted and Pete have competed at an event for 9 years. It felt so right.

Mixing Guide

Added a radio mixing guide to the Resources page.