We're not all about robots. We've been involved in a few other interesting projects over the years. Here are some highlights.

16 Feet - Treehouse

Pete has built a ~200 square foot treehouse in southern Indiana on some family property. It includes a kitchen, sleeping loft, wood burning stove, solar power, and many more features. Construction started in 2006, and was completed several years later. I once lived in it for a month, and have celebrated several Christmases there over the years. You can read all the dirty details in the 16Feet blog.

Skate One - Balancing Skateboard

A long gestating project, this was completed in 2012, made primarily of salvaged robot bits. Better late than never!

Skate Two - Balancing Skateboard

The sequel to Skate One, this one is lighter, flashier, and more maneuverable. Includes remote control and Bluetooth communication. Completed in 2015.