Skate One is a one wheeled balancing skateboard project I've thought about idly about for several years. Back in 2007 I saw a reference to Ben Smither's one wheeled skateboard on engadget. After recently looking around the garage, I realized that I had a lot of the expensive items already laying around as spares from other dead robotics projects.

I used the following components:
  • Magmotor A28-400 (3,000+ watts)
  • MC1 electronic speed controller (400 amps continuous)
  • Netduino micro-controller
  • 6 degree of freedom IMU board from SparkFun
  • 2 5000 mAh LiPoly batteries (300 amps continuous)

These components are higher-end than those typically used for projects like this. This equates to a lighter, faster skateboard. The current version weighs just over 30 pounds, and has a theoretical top speed of over 25 mph!

Project Notes: