At the time of this writing (October 2013), Skate One has been complete for about a year. Several miles have been put on it by friends and family. Overall, it's been a blast to play around with. Here are a few observations about the project.

What Worked Well

  • Fun factor: It's just a lot of fun to ride. People instantly want to ride it, and it's pretty easy to learn how to.
  • Build quality: The chassis is bullet-proof.
  • Component selection: The batteries, have plenty of capacity, and the motor is powerful enough to move large people around at frightening speeds.
  • General dimensions: The size seems about right for adults to small children.

Areas for improvement

  • Clearance issues: It's pretty easy to bottom out the board while turning or accelerating hard. Hills pose problems.
  • Access issues: I placed the microcontroller in a bad spot, making upgrading the software an involved process. This limited my desire to play around with various settings.
  • Lack of feedback: Being able to log or recieve data from the board while it was being used would have been invaluable. Getting tilt angles and speed readings would be helpful in improving the motor control algorithm.
  • Safety: The exposed sprocket and chain led to a few scares with small children.