Team Cosmos made the journey to Phoenix for the BotBash 2001 competition. We brought three robots with us, AlphaPujo, Andromeda, and Neutrino. We had originally planned on bringing DarkMatter, but had to cut DarkMatter from the work load in order to complete the other three bots, and to stay sane.

The 12 hour trip down there ended up with us stuck halfway in the beautiful town of "Wagon Mound" New Mexico, because someone, (cough, cough, TED, cough) wanted to see how far we could get on a tank of gas. We got the "Fuel Empty" alarm to sound at approximately two in the morning, and ended up sleeping in the truck in a gas station parking lot. Doh!

We made it to Phoenix around 2pm, checked into the hotel, and headed to the venue. We were fleeced for $1 by a transient trying to find the place, but it sounds like we got off easy. Others gave up $10, $5, etc.

Check in went fine, the only hitch was setting up the failsafe device on Ted's radio, and having to trim 4 oz. off of AP. One alarming discovery was that all of AP's batteries had drained during the trip down. They held their charges fine for the rest of the competition. Weird.

The competition itself was great, and we both had a lot of fun. We got to know a lot of people a bit better, and met some great new friends. You can read about our battles here (Neutrino), and here (AlphaPujo).

Looking at how competitve the 58 pound weight class was, we were sort of relieved to have left DarkMatter at home. It's always fun to meet the people behind the bots, and we only wish we could have spent more time watching some of the great fights, rather then being working feverishly in the pits.

The Christian Ristow show was impressive, even if they had to cut back on the amount of fire being used. Note to self, if DJ'ing a Christian Ristow show, move the booth WAY back from any structures that may collapse...

Kudos to Bob for running the show so smoothly. The BotBash in February 2002 should be amazing!

Christian Ristow Show
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