Team Cosmos made an appearance at the first ever Steel Conflict event. Held in sunny Pomona California, it was one hell of an event for a first try. Steve Brown really knows how to put on an show!

We took five bots with us, counting the antweights. Ted brought an upgraded Neutrino and his antweight Ether. Pete brought Solaris, and Country Squire. (Solaris was actually AlphaPujo for this event. Pete ran out of time to finish Solaris.) We also took Helios, our 30 pound shared bot.

All our gear showed up, we found the venue and hotel, and got set up quickly on Friday night. We also passed safety and check in late Friday. Bright and early Saturday morning we got up and prepared for a day of carnage. Everything appeared to be running smoothly until we started our fights. We suffered a staggering 3 loss run right off the bat. AlphaPujo lost his first fight when he tried pushing BFD into the pit, overshot, and ended up in the pit. Neutrino blew a sprocket in his first fight, and lost to Lil Shocker. Our one sure bet, Helios lost to Poo Flinger after an unlucky break away run by Poo Flinger ended up with us in the pit.

Spirits were pretty low. Luckily things turned around. Ted managed to fight all the way through the losers bracket in the 12 pound class to win the championship fight. Helios also managed to make it through the losers bracket, taking first place in the 30 pound class.

Both antweights did fairly well, Ether going 4 and 2, Country Squire going 3 and 2.

All in all, Steel Conflict was a total blast, and we look forward to the next one, scheduled for February 2003!

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