Name: Vger
Drive: 2 18V DeWalt Drills
Power: 2 18V Nicad 2400 mAh packs
Weapon: N/A
Speed Controller: 2 Victor 833
Steering: Skid
Weight: 50 lbs

Vger is a collaborative effort with Team Daisy to build a fully autonomous 'bot for the Robomagellan contest.

Vger has a fairly typical bot drive train, with the addition of two optically encoded wheels. We're also incorporating a gyro, accelerometer, sonar array, GPS unit, compass and vision system to help guide the bot.

All this is tied together with a 1.7 Ghz laptop running Windows XP and a custom suite of software.

We're hoping compete with Vger at Robothon 2005 in October.

Terrain/Mechanical test video